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So the UK has voted to leave the EU…


My research is complete

So it’s been two years since my last post, but finally my research is complete.  I’ve worked out how to dog.


It’s been a little over a year, so have an Echidna.

Colouring In


McWrap? Seriously? “Is it any McGood?”,   “Not McReally, in fact it’s McWrap.” Actually, I’ve not tried one yet, but nonetheless surely Ronald’s latest wheeze has to be one of the best marketing blunders since the Birdseye[1] ‘Codpieces’ debacle. Amélie, … Continue reading



I don’t know about you, but whenever I find myself lost and confused in a foreign airport, I am always happy to come across some really helpful signage. For the avoidance of further confusion, this line doesn’t divide anything that … Continue reading


One man’s ‘beige’ is another man’s ‘Oatmeal Biscuit’

When Walter Sheffersqueuetonshaw, renowned chromaclature consultant, offered the chance of an interview, our reporter David Rince leapt at the opportunity. Here are some excerpts from his report: Walter was waiting for me at the appointed rendez-vous outside the café in Grape Lane.  He … Continue reading

Colouring In


Creativity is what happens when you are supposed to be looking for old bank statements. ho hum.

Colouring In

I don’t know about you

I don’t know about you, but it’s at about this time of the month that I like to wallow is self-doubt, and ask myself questions like “if I chosen a career in toothpaste, say, or retrophrenology, would I even now … Continue reading


Chew, chew, chew.

As a parent, I am concerned by the imminent arrival of the moment when I have to switch tacks from “here comes a chuff-chuff train…”, to “stop playing with your food”.


Wade into the water, Alabama 3

I love Alabama 3.   They make Sweet Pretty Muntafoobin Country Acid House Music.  All night long. One of my few regrets about leaving London is that a it’ll be that much less easy to go and see them live. Anyway.  … Continue reading