I don’t know about you

I don’t know about you, but it’s at about this time of the month that I like to wallow is self-doubt, and ask myself questions like “if I chosen a career in toothpaste, say, or retrophrenology, would I even now be basking on the poop deck of some obscene Sunseeker yacht?

Actually, I don’t necessarily have exactly those thoughts, but I just felt the need to use the phrase ‘poop deck’.  It doesn’t get used enough hereabouts.

On this very day in 475 AD, as I’m sure you all know, Basiliscus became the Byzantine Emperor, crowned Hebdomon palace in Constantinople.  I, on the other hand, in 2012, managed to do a bit of shopping, some light laundry at around lunchtime, and achieve an almost complete ignorance on the subject of Drupal Fusion sub-theming.

I think you’ll agree that that all just goes to show.

Anyway, yoghurt is what I brought you all here to talk to you about, but I fear that there’s no time left.  That’ll have to be for another time.

Still, I’m glad we had this chat.


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  1. AV

    Yes but Basiliscus was beheaded, so perhaps light laundry and grocery shopping in a pleasant mountainous part of the world is not such a bad alternative?

    I look forward to hearing your views on yoghurt.

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