Chew, chew, chew.

As a parent, I am concerned by the imminent arrival of the moment when I have to switch tacks from “here comes a chuff-chuff train…”, to “stop playing with your food”.



  1. on the subject of “playing with your food” at out big joint party Jonny did the catering but I made a cake. By popular request it was a pirateship cake. Theo helped me with the decorating. There were Lego mini-figures all over it. There was a Lego min figure drowning in the icibng sea as a lego crocodile swam over with the intention of eating him. There was a Lego mini figure on the beach with a cannon about to fire at the pirate ship unless they turned out to be goodies. As far as playing with your food goes I think we were there in a major league way!

  2. av

    Playing with your food can be super fun though.


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